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CV. Globalindo Teknik Mandiri
CV. Globalindo Teknik Mandiri
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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer WFX-210
HargaCall Marketing
Jumlah Pesanan:
Cara PembayaranTransfer Bank (T/T)
Kemas & PengirimanPacking
Spesifikasi :
( Main Specification)
- Wavelength range : 190-900nm
- Wavelength accuracy : Better than ± 0.25nm
- Resolution : Two spectral lines of Mn at 279.5nm and 279.8nm can be separated with the spectral bandwidth of 0.2nm and valley-peak energy ratio less than 30% .
- Baseline stability: 0.004A/ 30min
- Background correction : The D2 lamp background correction capability at 1A is better than 30 times.The S-H background correction capability at 1.8A is better than 30 times.
( Light Source System)
- Lamp turret : Motorized 6-lamp turret ( Two high performance HCLs can be mounted on the turret to increase the sensitivity in flame analysis.)
- Lamp current adjustment : Wide pulse current: 0~ 25mA, Narrow pulse current: 0~ 10mA
- Lamp power supply mode: 400Hz square wave pulse, 100Hz narrow square wave pulse+ 400Hz wide square wave pulse
( Optical System)
- Monochomator : Single beam, Czerny-Turner design grating monochromator
- Grating: 1800 l/ mm
- Focal length : 277mm
- Blazed Wavelength : 250nm
- Spectral Bandwidth : 0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 1.2nm, auto-switch over
( Flame Atomizer)
- Burner : 10cm single slot all-titanium burner
- Spray chamber : Corrosion resistant all-plastic
- Nebulizer : High efficiency glass nebulizer with metal sleeve, sucking up rate: 6-7ml/ min
( Graphite Furnace)
- Temperature range : Room temperature~ 3000º C
- Heating rate : 2000 / s
- Graphite tube dimensions: 28mm( L) × 8mm( OD)
- Characteristic mass : Cdd0.5 × 10-12g, Cud5 × 10-12g, Mod1× 10-11g
- Precision : Cdd3% , Cud3% , Mod4%
( Detection and Data Processing System)
- Detector: R928 Photomultiplier with high sensitivity and wide spectral range.
- Software : Under Windows operating system
- Analytical method : Working curve auto-fitting; standard addition method; automatic sensitivity correction, automatic calculation of concentration and content.
- Repeat times: 1-99 times, automatic calculation of mean value, standard deviation and relative standard deviation.
- Multi-task Functions: Sequential measurement for multi-element determination to the same sample
- Condition reading: With model function
- Result printing: Measurement data and final analytical report printout, editing with Excel
- Standard RS-232 serial port communication
( Graphite Furnace Autosample)
- Sample tray capacity: 55 sample vessels and 5 reagent vessels
- Vessel materia: Polypropylene
- Vessel volume: 3ml for sample vessel, 20ml for reagent vessel
- Minimum sampling volume: 1¼ l
- Repeatable sampling times: 1 -99 times
- Sampling system: Accurate dual pump system, with 100¼ l and 1ml injiectors
- Accurate dual pump system, with 100¼ l and 1ml injiectors
- Air-C2H2 flame : Cu: Characteristic concentrationd0.025mg/ L, Detection limitd0.006mg/ L
- Oxygen-rich Air-C2H2 flame: Ba:   Characteristic concentration d 0.22mg/ L, Al:     Characteristic concentration d 0.4mg/ L
- Function Expansion: Hydride vapor generator can be connected for hydride analysis
( Dimensions and weight)
- Main unit: 107× 49× 58cm, 140kg
- Graphite furnace: 42× 42× 46cm, 65kg
- Autosampler: 40× 29× 29cm, 15kg
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